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Job Safety Analysis


Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is important to any health and safety program. It is one of many risk assessment tools that can be used in a formal hazard assessment process to identify and control the hazard.

Many workers are injured or killed because they don’t know the right steps or don’t recognize the potential hazard of the job. TK Gas Services helps establish proper operating procedures and provide recommendations for preventing or eliminating hazards.

A job safety analysis should be conducted by a team who is familiar with a task and it should include additional worker, supervisor, and specialist. By involving the whole team, the likelihood of missing hazard is reduced. Workers who do the job regularly will recognize unsafe shortcuts or ways to get around protective devices. Therefore, this must be addressed during TK Gas Service’s JSA discussion.

Creating a JSA begins by observing a job. From determining how many steps is necessary for a specific job or action, for example, the task is the manual lifting of a cross over sub into a basket for transferring to the rig floor, each step must define as the part of the operation necessary to advance the work.

Once all the steps are listed it is time to identify potential hazard for each step. Hazards are something that can lead to illness, injury, or environmental harm. Health hazard can be physical, chemical, biological or psychological which may affect workers. Safety hazards are substances, processes, actions and conditions that may endanger the immediate workers.

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